1. Eyelash Enhancement (TIGHTLINING)
    Tightlining is great for hooded eyes and other eye shapes that tend to look overly made up or droopy with a thick, visible band of traditional eyeliner. It also makes your eyelashes appear thicker and fuller.
  2. Upper or Lower Eyeliners
    This permanent cosmetic includes a Lash Enhancement and can be thin, subtle, thicker and bold, the choice is yours.
  3. Tails/Wings & Thick or Extra Thick Eyeliner
    These are optional and can be added and adjusted to fit your own personal liking, all you have to do is let your master technician know.   (touch up not included)  
  4.  $50 to book touch up within the 6-8 weeks time  frame from original procedure        

Both  (Upper & Lower) // $525

Upper Liner Only // $350

Upper Lash Line (Tightlining) // $275

Lower Liner // $200     

Winged Eyeliner  //  $400