Microblading is the fine technique of using a super fine blade made up of a bundle of needles to deposit pigment into the skin.  It is such a fine blade that it creates a hair stroke type effect that we call it a simulated hairstroke. This tool is what differentiates Microblading from pigmentation or permanent makeup which uses a traditional cosmetic tattooing tool.  Each hair stroke created by the microblade is like a little paper-cut which is then filled with pigment. $450 (touch up is not included) $100 to book touch up within the 6-8 weeks from original procedure  $150  touch up within the 9-11 weeks from original procedure, anything after 11 weeks will be considered a color boost fee  $100 will be added on to any type of brows you choose for those who had previously tattooed and/or microbladed. 

How long does it last? Since microblading pigments are not implanted into the skin as deep as traditional tattoos, the area will naturally fade overtime. Microblading typically lasts 1-3 years, depending on skin type (normal, oily, dry), age (youthful/mature).